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  • Get the ultimate in portability and performance.
  • More screen real estate.
  • Enhance how you work.
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The espressoPremium Bundle includes:

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The crème de la crème of
portable displays.
The touchscreen iMac substitute you’ve wanted.
A Great Travel Companion.
The amazing productivity gadget
you didn't know you needed.

A product suite designed to unlock your potential

The world’s thinnest portable monitor. Durable, reliable and seamless. Award-winning design and engineering.

Dimensions Touch Resolution Thinness /Weight Speakers

15.6-inch screen

W:358mm x H:256mm

13.3-inch screen

W:308mm x H:228mm


16.2m Colours

300 nits

60Hz refresh rate


Fully adjustable stand that mounts your display magnetically


Fully extended dimensions: 120x140x 240mm

Compact dimensions: 20x140x14mm

Supports weight up to 1kg

Weight: 500g

Japanese paper-like textured screen protector for optimal drawing & sketching with a matte finish


Edge-to-edge 2H tempered glass

Superior impact absorption

Protect your espressoDisplay with a microfibre shell and stand


Micro fibre material

Weight: 13in case 430g/ 15in case 520g

13in case supports 700g/ 15in case supports 900g

Draw and sketch with our specialised stylus


4,092 levels of pressure sensitivity

Tilt sensitive

Charge time: 1hr

Weight: 80g

Usage: 100hrs on a single charge






More, Anywhere.

For those that seek tools to help them achieve in business.


Adapt, work and deliver wherever
your business happens.

    • Setup in seconds with any device
    • Seamless connectivity with one USB-C cable
    • Create your workspace with confidence
    • Present, consume, and create content anywhere

"Thanks to espresso, I'm more flexible on the accomodation I choose."

- Jeremy Cabral, COO


Engage and collaborate with
your team and workflows.

    • Markup digital documents
    • Whiteboard in hybrid environments
    • Setup multi-screen conferencing
    • Easy note-taking and reading

"It makes Zoom conferencing and presentations easier as I can have reference materials open on the second screen."


Optimise your workspace,
workflow and outputs.

    • Integrates with any device, software platforms and OS
    • Seamless use with Mac, Windows, Linux and workspace programs

"Help you become a lot more productive no matter where you are."

Supercharge your capabilities at home,
in the office, in-between -

Online Workshops & Collaboration

Run online workshops from anywhere as if you were there in person. Collaborate on a digital whiteboard and engage with the virtual room with ease.

• Collaborate & solve problems like being in the office

• Bring ideas to life in real time

• Works with Mural, Microsoft Whiteboard, JamBoard, FigJam, Miro & more

Paperless Office

Finally, a user-friendly paperless device. Digital documents are right there in portrait mode for quick cross-referencing and editing is made easy with copy-paste functionality across different screens.

• Reference documents with ease

• Markup, annotate & share

• Portrait mode & autorotate

Client Meetings

Slick, simple setup to impress clients before you even start presenting. Present from the display while you have notes on your laptop.

• No more last minute set up problems

• No longer restricted to specific meeting rooms

• Seamless presentations, anywhere

Hybrid Working & Business Travel

Take the office anywhere, with a portable, lightweight monitor that’s set up in seconds. Work productively from airport lounges and make travel easy with a lightweight monitor that fits comfortably in your carry on.

• No charger required, connect with a single cable

• Ultra lightweight & portable

• Work without restrictions, on-the-go



Studies Show Over a 40% Increase in Productivity With a Dual-Monitor Workflow



According to the University of Utah, a second monitor can save each employee 2.5 hours each day if they use it for all of their tasks.



Research found that participants were able to complete jobs quicker and more accurately when pairing a laptop with a desktop monitor as opposed to using a monitor alone.

Be your best with the best-in-class portable Display.

What our users say:

What industry experts say:

With a constant work travel schedule it’s important that I’m able to keep up with my projects and presentations. Trying to assemble these on my laptop is challenging considering the limited screen real estate available and hauling around a full-size desktop monitor isn’t feasible. When looking for portable solutions we tested a few options but once I plugged in the Espresso there was no question this was the solution I was looking for. The ease of use (plug & play), portability, screen quality and functionality of the accessories made this my permanent travel companion.Jason Chinnock, CEO Ducati North America 
Offers the most traditional external-monitor experience.
It’s extremely appealing as a portable display thanks to its light weight, thinness and durable aluminum chassis.
Speed and user-friendliness are everything in Espresso’s philosophy - the company is not called Espresso by accident, after all.
The espresso Display is not bulky, does not require multiple cables or need to be plugged into a wall for power.

Watch a product review by Patrick Rambles:


What's the difference between the Bundles?

The difference between the bundles is the screen size. We offer two screen sizes: 15.6 inches and 13.3 inches.

What are the benefits of having an espressoDisplay?

One of the major benefits of using the espressoDisplay is the ability to have more screen real estate, increasing your productivity and allowing you to do more anywhere! Being able to easily setup and packdown makes working in the local coffee shop a breeze. Having the ability to jot down notes or even illustrate on the go saves plenty of time!

What’s included in this bundle?

1 x espressoDiplay (comes with a 1m USB-C cable), 1 x espressoStand, 1 x espressoCase, 1 x espressoPen, 1 x 2-pack espressoCreator

Is my device compatible with the espressoDisplay?

espressoDisplay is compatible with most devices, some devices may require different configurations. Please take a look at our compatibility list here.

How do I charge the Display?

The great news is that our display doesn’t require any charging! The display uses the power generated by your host device (laptop). If your device can’t supply enough power there are always options such as a power bank or phone charger.

What cable(s) will I need?

In most cases, all you need is a single USB-C cable. The Compatibility Checker will show you if you need other cables for your device.

Does Touch work on Mac and Windows?

Sure does! Make sure to download espressoFlow to enable the best touch screen experience on your Mac or Windows device.

What are the dimensions and weight of the displays?

15.6" screen (865g) - W:358mm x H:256mm

13.3" screen (650g) - W:308mm x H:228mm

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